6 Simple Steps to Submit Your Sitemap to Google Search Console

Do you know how easy it is to set up Google Search Console?

It is super easy and you can submit your sitemap in 6 simple steps! But why the heck would we do that?? Submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console actually allows Google to find your website - if you don't do this, it could take much much longer for Google to find your site because it has to crawl the interwebs and find links to your site (which are called backlinks) instead of you just saying "here you go!" Backlinks are also super helpful for SEO but the first easy step to letting know Google that your website exists is this simple tutorial in submitting your sitemap!

Here’s how to DIY setting up Google Search Console and submitting your sitemap:

Welcome to Google Search Console
  1. Go to Google Search Console - be sure you’re signed in to your G-Suite or Google Account

  2. Add the full URL of your website including the https - click Add Property

  3. Verify ownership by adding some code into your website (I find it easiest to add the HTML tag to the advanced header section of my Squarespace site)

    • Copy the HTML tag and in Squarespace go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection

    • Paste the HTML tag in the Header section

    • Go back to Google Search Console and click Verify then Go To Property

  4. Once you’re back in Google Search Console, click on Sitemaps in the menu on the left

  5. Type in sitemap.xml as your sitemap URL if you use Squarespace (if you use a different platform you may have to verify what your sitemap URL is), click SUBMIT

  6. Wa-la! Your sitemap is successfully submitted and you can see if it was a success or not.