Defining Your Brand Identity


By: Sarah Schrader, Graphic Designer and Brand Consultant

A brand is an experience. While my passion is in designing the visuals for a brand like a logo, I will be the first to tell you that a beautiful modern calligraphy logo, a meticulously thought out color pallet and swoon worthy fonts do not make a brand. These things are only tools for part of the larger experience your client has while interacting with your services. A brand evokes an emotion with each interaction your client has with you or your service. These tools are what make up your brand identity, the visuals your client uses to easily identify your brand. And just because I’m telling you a logo and color pallet are not a brand, does not make them any less important to your total brand experience.

Consistency helps builds trust

When the elements you are putting out into the world – from social media graphics, printed material and signage, and yes, your website as well – are cohesive your client is building recognition of your brand. If you want your client to feel inspired while interacting with you on Instagram, perhaps you use light and bright images of dreamy scenes, warm colors and positive messaging. But if your website uses darker images and colors and has very textbook information, you are sending a completely different message to your client, and definitely confusing them with what they should expect from you.

So why should a website also reflect your brand identity? Your website is a 24/7 online experience for your client. So, of course, your logo or business name should be easily visible and the colors, fonts, and image style should match what you use everywhere else. You want the visuals to be consistent so that when your client opens up to your landing page they immediately know it is you. They will trust that the same inspiring feeling you give them on Instagram is also going to be there when they go to learn more about what you have to offer, read your blog or look to find out a bit more about the person they will be working with.

Developing Your Brand Identity

The elements you will want to consider for a brand identity include: your logo, the colors you will use, both as your main colors and as accents, fonts, and the type of imagery you’d like to use, as well as your photography, icon, or illustration style. When you are considering these visuals, make sure you understand the type of experience you want your client to have and what you want them to feel as a result. Once you lock these down, you can make sure that each visual element helps to represent that experience and emotion for your client.


Sarah Schrader, Graphic Designer and Brand Consultant

Sarah Schrader is an adventure loving graphic designer and podcaster who loves travel, reading, and creating new experiences and memories. She helps her clients build their brand identity and tell their stories in creative ways. Sarah also recently began offering brand consulting as a service to help you develop your brand experience and align your brand identity and messaging.

Find her at or on Instagram @sarahschraderdesign.