Secret Weapon: Facebook Groups

My Secret Weapon as an Entrepreneur: Facebook Groups

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Want to know one of my secret weapons as an entrepreneur? It's Facebook! Facebook GROUPS that is. My husband thinks I'm a Facebook junkie, and it's for a good reason.

No, I'm not just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook looking at silly videos and photos (only sometimes ;) And no, I didn't create a private group just for me and my following. What you may or may not know, is there are TONS of FB groups out there for whatever you are interested in. Specifically for me, I've joined FB groups with other entrepreneurs, web designers, creatives, mommies, and more.

What are FB groups?

FB groups are essentially discussion forums for specific groups of people. It gets groups of like-minded people together on one topic or category where you can share what you've got. Some groups are private, and some are public.

What do I do in FB groups?

When I get to these groups I am reading what others are posting and engaging with their questions and trying to add value where I can. I am also posting my questions and getting them answered by lots of people and sharing my story as well.

What are the benefits of FB groups?

I've learned a ton of valuable information in FB groups. You can use FB groups to find snippets of curated information, and you can learn from multiple people on one thread. FB groups are searchable, and if you can't find an answer to your question, you can post it. Not only that, but you can learn pain points in the questions asked and see the conversation that follows.

What else?

Learning is fun and all, but how about bringing value to your business? Guys! If you use FB groups to your advantage, you can also gain valuable business! That's right, I've received clients from FB groups. What's not to like about that?

What FB Groups are my favorite?

Women in Entrepreneurship - Northeastern Wisconsin, The Rising Tide Society, Prosperous Entrepreneurs Power Pack, Goal Digger Podcast Insiders, and Twin Cities Collective For Bloggers & Creatives.