Round-up of Wednesday's ProTips - January

ProTip #1

Checking for broken links

Every month I check for broken links on my website. Why? Because broken links HURT your SEO! Google doesn't like to see 404 errors so it's critical to mitigate those errors. Check out the link below on how I do this and make sure to bookmark it!



ProTip #2

Website strategy

It's so important to think about how your website is working FOR you!

  • Does your lead capture form integrate right into your client management software?

  • Or are you having to manually enter all of those leads into your system?

  • How about email subscription sign ups? Are they being submitted into a spreadsheet (yuck!) or are they dropping right onto your Mailchimp, Convertkit, Mailerlite, etc. list and getting a welcome email on the spot?

  • Do you have calls to action on each and every page?

  • Are you guiding the visitor through your website?

  • When they get to the bottom of the page do they know what to click on next?

It's so critical to be thinking about all of these things when designing a website - you can't just plop some content on a page and call it done. What are your goals? And how will your website CONVERT for you?

ProTip #3

How to preface contact forms

In order to get someone to fill out your contact form, make sure you're explaining the reason WHY they're filling it out and what benefit they'll receive by answering the questions you're asking. Depending on the questions you ask and if you ask too many, it could deter the user from filling out your contact form OR if you're asking the right questions that are not so generic it could encourage the user to answer them.

Bottom line, you should have a note above or next to the form with a call to action. Here's mine: "Fill out the form below so that I can best be prepared to chat with you about your business, website, and goals. I'll get back to you soon!" The keywords there are "so that I can best be prepared". This tells them that my response will be custom to them and provide the most value with less back and forth and wasted time. 



ProTip #4

Why it’s important to set up google search console

It is super easy and you can submit your sitemap in 6 simple steps! But why the heck would we do that?? Submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console actually allows Google to find your website - if you don't do this, it could take much much longer for Google to find your site because it has to crawl the interwebs and find links to your site (which are called backlinks) instead of you just saying "here you go!" Backlinks are also super helpful for SEO but the first easy step to letting know Google that your website exists is this simple tutorial that I posted on my blog in submitting your sitemap!


Pro Tip #5

Writing your website content in first person vs. third person

When I launched my website, I was a one women show. I wrote all my content in first person. I know now that I have a team, my ENTIRE website should be changed to speak more in the third person, except perhaps a certain section on my About page where I want to speak to my audience directly.

There are lots of things to consider when deciding what tone or what person to write your website content in - think about your business structure, are you solo or do you have a team, do you want to be relatable, do you want to make it seem like you're a larger company than you might be, are you building a personal brand or a business brand? Those are all questions to ask when deciding. There is no right or wrong answer but make sure to stay consistent throughout all of your content and brand materials -- that includes social media content and other marketing materials too!