Round-up of Wednesday's ProTips - November

ProTip #1

The photography on your website is Make or BREAK!

I HIGHLY encourage having a brand photoshoot for your website images. Depending on your industry, a professional photographer can take photos of you, your products, your office, your facility, and more.

These photos make for a way more professional website than photos you took yourself. I typically don't recommend stock photography, but it could be better than some terrible quality photos off your phone or something you took yourself. There are actually some great resources out there for stock photography, and my two favorites are and Carefully selecting the photos to make sure they are on brand is critical. Let me know in the comments below whether you judge a website based on the photos on it! I'll admit, I definitely have!


ProTip #2

Your Website Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Have you ever heard the quote "less is more"? I've been reflecting on this for myself and my business because over the past year I've been adding and adding offerings to my service menu. I've come to a point where I believe I'M TOTALLY CONFUSING my potential clients with everything I have to offer that when it comes down to it, they don't even know what they need from me.

That being said, this post isn't about me and my business. I wanted to elaborate about how important it is to reflect throughout your business journey and make sure your message is always resonating with your clients.

Sometimes as business owners we totally over complicate things just for the fact that we think they need to be difficult. However, in reality, our conversion rates would probably be much higher if everything was SIMPLE.

So, when it comes to your website, take yourself out of it and pretend you are your potential client and browse through your site. Are you confused? Does it make sense? Are you overwhelmed with the options? If you're confused - I'm sure your client is too. Simplify things. Use less words. Take out your industry lingo. AND ultimately convert more clients!

ProTip #3

How to set up a blog post in Squarespace so that it's best optimized for SEO:

The Title of the post should always be specific and use keywords. Then, the URL will automatically default to what the title is. I would make sure to Remove “stop words” - Words like “a”, “and”, “the”, etc. from the URL. Keep the URL succinct and shorter if you are going with longer Post Titles.

The Source URL is only used if the content isn’t yours and you got it from somewhere else. If you don't use the source URL you won’t need to click “Post Title should link to Source URL” either.

The Excerpt is used as the post description. Often times people use the first couple sentences of their blog post when in reality they should use the excerpt to describe the blog post and entice people to read it. The excerpt is the same thing as the page meta description and It will show up on Google so it should definitely include keywords and be descriptive.



ProTip #4

Strong Calls To Action are Critical

I've said this before and it's worth saying again! Strong calls to action are critical on your website!! When someone goes to your website, do they know what to do? Do you have a button on each page and are you guiding them through your site?

Think back to your ultimate goal of your website: Is it to get them to sign up for your email list? Get them to contact you? Purchase a product or service? Schedule an appointment? Make sure on your homepage (and every page) you direct the user to what you want them to do. This could be with a button to the next page you want them to go to, a form to fill out, or more!

Here's how to test it: If I scroll through to the bottom of your homepage, are you telling me what to do next before I get to your footer? Check out my blog post on strong calls to action if you want to learn more.