What is a favicon? and how to add to your website

What is a favicon?

Have you ever heard of a favicon? Okay, maybe you haven't, but I'm sure you'd know what it is if I explained it to you.

A favicon is a small icon that is associated with your website that is shown in a browser tab or near the URL address bar.

A favicon is often forgotten on small business websites but it's a great way add an extra touch of branding to your website. If you don't add one to your Squarespace site it will automatically default to a rather unattractive black square box (the last example in my graphic) which makes it glaringly obvious that your website is hosted through Squarespace.

But did I mention how stupidly simple it is to add a favicon to your Squarespace site?! Here are the instructions:

How to Add a Favicon to your Squarespace Website:

Step 1: Create a 300px by 300px logo or icon

If your logo isn't perfectly square, be sure to put it in a square box so that it doesn't get stretched automatically. 300px is the recommended size for best resolution even though it'll get scaled down to 16px by 16px.

Save as a TRANSPARENT .png or .ico file. I typically save as a .png file but it can also be saved as a .ico file -- unfortunately, Internet Explorer has difficulty displaying .png files.

Step 2: Upload to Squarespace

Login to Squarespace and start on your home menu. Then navigate to Design --> Logo & Title.  Scroll down to the Favicon section and click Add a Favicon. Browse your computer for where you saved your 300px by 300px logo or icon and select it to upload. (See screenshot below for Logo & Title panel in Squarespace.)

Wah-la! Refresh your website and you should be able to see your favicon in action! 

Where to find the favicon uploader in Squarespace