What is Digital Marketing?

What!!  The whole month of November I didn't write a single blog post and my social media game is strongly lacking.  Clearly, an expert digital marketer should have these processes in place.  Afterall, I'm coaching my clients on best practices for social marketing strategies and how to build a brand online!  Not to make an excuse, but before I could even think, I was too busy taking care of my kid, going to school, and working for actual paying clients -- let alone worry about marketing myself.  BUT I knew I needed to have my own processes in place in order for my clients to trust me with theirs. 

Sound familiar?  You're probably too busy actually slaying your business goals and serving your clients that you have no time to think about your marketing.  

So... what is digital marketing?

Well, I'll start with what it's not.  It's not a new kind of marketing or a new set of marketing fundamentals.  It's simply a new way of doing marketing.  

Digital marketing consists of marketing online or in an electronic manner.  Simply put, it has to do with your website presence, promoting on social media, sending email blasts, advertising online (which there are so many options), mobile marketing, and so much more.

While traditional marketing is still important and I'm not discounting it, the beauty of digital marketing is you can actually TRACK your return on investment and make sure your marketing is working versus taking a stab at guessing if that billboard is bringing in the revenue. 

And... how is it done... well?

Here's where an expert comes in.  There are so many "channels" (you might ask, what's a channel? see below*) to market on that you have no clue where to begin, how to think through strategy (nor do you have time to), or you're using the wrong channels for the wrong reasons.

For successful digital marketing, it's important to step back and make sure your activities align with your business strategy so that you can accomplish your business goals and priorities.  Additionally, you need to make sure to think about your customer lifecycle when applying various digital activities.  Once you have all that in place, you'll measure your results and optimize it to make it better next time.

*Channels are the avenues in which you use to market... I mentioned some above as well: search engine optimization, social, email, display advertising, etc.

What's next...?

I'm busy strategizing my business and digital marketing activities so that I can lead by example and you can learn from my mistakes... jumping in head first isn't always advised (as I've learned).  That's why my website is under construction and my social media and email marketing are on a brief hiatus.  However, I'd still love to connect on social and have you grab a spot on my email list so when I'm ready you can benefit from all the digital marketing expertise I'm going to share...for FREE. :)

Happy Holidays