You came to the right page if...

  • You already have a website
  • Your existing website could use some love
  • You want to revamp your current website

Website Recommendations

Whether you have a SquareSpace website or you use some other platform, this is the perfect opportunity to have a third party expert (me) take a look and review your site. I'll provide a detailed recommendations document that tells you exactly what changes you can make on your own. 

What you can expect...

  • Up to 3 phone interviews with past or potential clients to understand client expectations

  • Review of competitor and/or inspirational websites to make sure your website is on point

  • Review of Google Analytics if available

  • Best practices from a user experience perspective

  • Recommendations including (but not limited to): navigation, home page layout, calls to action messaging, content, images, pages, blog, contact form

Website Recommendations + Support

If you have a SquareSpace website, I'll give you my recommendations like above and I'll also walk you through implementing them on your website. This will be the perfect learning opportunity to do some fancier things with your SquareSpace website and totally "Wow" your dream customers.

What you can expect... 

  • All of the same things as above in "I'll Give you My Thoughts" PLUS

  • We'll meet one-on-one to make a few of the more challenging changes on your website

  • Then, I'll set you up for success to make the rest of the changes yourself

Website Recommendations + Implementation

I'll give you my expert recommendations for your SquareSpace website just like above PLUS I'll login and make all the changes for you! You'll want this if you're not comfortable making the changes yourself or you'd just rather spend your time doing what you do best. 

What you can expect...

  •  I'll provide a recommendations document with all the aspects included in "I'll Give You My Thoughts" above

  • You can add your input and we'll make sure you're on board with with the plan

  • Then, I'll go ahead and get access to your site and make the magic happen