Frequently Asked Questions


+ What are your prices?

Download my pricing guide or get in touch with me!

+ What web platform (or CMS) do you use?

Squarespace. I love Squarespace because it's so user friendly even for my non-techie clients. It's also one place to register your domain, hosting, email, and more.

+ What is a Discovery phase?

A Discovery phase is to determine the requirements and functionality necessary for a new website. A Discovery phase purpose is to assess the current website, conduct interviews, and analyze current data in order to make sure all is thought through prior to design and development of a website.

+ Who took all the beautiful photos of you on this site?

The wonderful Alina Kay Photography took all of the photos on this website. Her work is incredble and I am so happy with how they turned out. I am also proud to call her my friend.

+ How old is your son?

I'd put his age but then I'd be changing this page monthly! He is growing up before our eyes. Chase was born in June 2017.

+ How much do you love coffee?

There are a lot of pictures on this site with me and coffee. I do love coffee and drink it everyday (I'm guilty for a good Starbucks), but in all honesty coffee and pretty mugs just pair well for a brand photoshoot! :)

+ Why'd you start your business?

I'd love for you to read my blog post on how I got started here.