DIY Website Group Course

DIY Website Group Course


An interactive group course developed to teach you to design, build, and maintain your own website in just over a month; all with my expert support and guidance throughout the process. PLUS the ability to collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

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The Scoop

You're just getting started in your business, or you want a complete revamp.  You know you want a beautiful, fresh website, and you know you don't want to pay big bucks for a developer to code your site.  Even more, you don't want them to just hand it over to you leaving you with little ability to make changes in the future. You need someone to help you DIY with confidence...

I'll teach you exactly how to build your website using the Squarespace platform, from creating and implementing your brand to deciding your content and page structure. You'll have my expert opinion, advice, and access to me throughout the process. This fee INCLUDES the cost of SquareSpace for the first year which is normally $216.

Are you ready to have a website launched in a month? 

You'll love this course if you...

  • Are a DIYer
  • Like control
  • Are intimidated by the "techie" stuff
  • Want to channel your own creativity
  • Need accountability to get it done
  • Want to learn from others

The details...

  • We'll meet once a week for 5 weeks
  • One hour live video conference sessions via Zoom
  • Collaborate between sessions via Slack
  • Sessions recorded for your reference or if you miss it
  • Unlimited access to guides, tools, and 'How To' docs and videos

The Game Plan

We'll schedule a time to meet weekly for 5 weeks.

Calls will be held via Zoom, where we'll be face to face, we can share our screens, hear each other and record the session for your future reference. The calls will last one hour and you'll be able to implement what you've learned right after our call. 

If you're unable to attend live, sessions are recorded so that you can learn at your own pace! With this option you can pause, rewind, fast-forward, etc.! I'll be available for your questions via Slack.

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Session 1: Discovery

Session 2: Basic SquareSpace Functionality

Session 3: Design

Session 4: Intermediate SquareSpace Functionality

Session 5: SEO & Launch

Sessions will be recorded if you're unable to attend.

Now offering Payment Plans!

The Words of recent DIY Website Grads:

Irene McKenna Coaching.jpg

“When Alex approached me with this idea for this group course, it sounded like the best of both worlds with minimizing cost by doing it myself but saving so much time and having her website knowledge in my corner and that was exactly what it was. I love having the control of building my site while knowing I have Alex to go to when I can’t figure things out (which is often:-) and she responds quickly and thoroughly to questions and will find answers if she doesn’t know them! The whole experience has been great and although my website it a work in progress I am excited about where it is going and knowing I have all the tools at my fingertips decreases my stress!” - Irene, Irene McKenna Coaching

Nicole Smith.jpg

"I am so blessed to have crossed paths with Alex! As a new business owner, I was looking for a budget-friendly way to create and launch my website. I'm no expert in this type of work, so I loved that she offered a DIY group course that allowed me to build a beautiful and professional product but also learn some new skills along the way. Alex takes her time to explain each step of the process and patiently addressed all my questions... which was a lot! 

While my site is still under development, I know I can always turn to her for added support that's always professional, helpful and timely. I strongly recommend HeiPro Digital to anyone looking to develop a new website or overhaul their existing one." - Nicole, Navigate Your Freedom Coaching

Bianca_Oh So Fashionably Late.jpg

"DIY is for everyone! In my mind, there is no such thing as a "non-creative." I've designed a few blogs, before my current website, and they all turned out to be complete flops. I took so many free blogging courses and watched endless tutorials online. Finally, I decided to look for help. 

I called around for weeks, looking for web design estimates and classes. And while I found some of the best web designers out there, the packages that they were offering were all way out of my budget range. I knew that letting someone else create MY personal blog was not the answer. I wanted to create my own website all by myself and needed help learning how to do it. After many calls, I was referred to Alex at HeiPro Digital. 

The whole process just felt right, starting with our consultation. Alex took the time to understand what I wanted, laid out all of my options on the table, and shared recommendations, based on our conversation about my blog, my brand, and my goals. After just one conversation with Alex, I was able to visualize what my website would be. Alex constantly reassured me that there were no limits. My website could be whatever I wanted it to be and she was going to help me build it. I enrolled in the DIY Web Design Group Course immediately. 

I wanted a website with both a blog to share fashion and lifestyle trends and a shop to sell handmade accessories. Alex helped me choose the perfect Squarespace template for the purposes of my business and my brand. With blogging features and lookbook functionality, we designed the perfect website for Oh So Fashionably Late followers and shoppers. I've never felt so confident in the branding, design, and content that I created for my website. The course was very structured with an agenda, homework assignments, and all. My classmates were awesome and the group course really opens you up to questions that you might not have thought of before, so think again if you’re worried about being slowed down by the rest of the class. Slack was a great tool for connecting with the class and asking questions. Stay tuned for Alex’s weekly tips and tools. The checklist Alex provided helped me stay organized and work productively. Our sessions were recorded on Zoom, so that we could refer back to them. Alex’s presentation slides were a great resource for me because I’m more of a visual learner. I received step-by-step guidance throughout the entire class, as well as individual help on the side when needed. Despite having a baby at home, Alex was available to me at all times and I found her to be super dependable. And aside from all of that, Alex is constantly checking in on everyone individually to make sure that you are getting the most out of this learning experience. This was such a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers and creatives. I highly recommend the DIY Web Design Group Course." - Bianca, Oh So Fashionably Late

"Alex’s professionalism and patient, kind personality immediately set me at ease when I considered taking the leap to have my own photography website.  I was so hesitant and anxious but I’m so glad I took HeiPro’s DIY course.  I would consider myself a somewhat indecisive person, and Alex was there for advice, opinions, and ideas through the entire development.  Alex could easily see my vision for my website and through my thoughts, she worked with me to make it all come to life.  I definitely recommend working with Alex and HeiPro!" - Jen, Happy Soul Photography

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