Action vs. Benefit Oriented Calls to Action

A couple of weeks ago I did a webinar for event planners for The Planner Collective and talked about 3 tips for better website content. One of my tips was about having strong calls to action. Strong calls to action are essential not only for event planners but for all entrepreneurs and businesses!

What is a call to action?

A call to action is a button and/or phrase that tells your visitors what to do and why you want them to do it. It gives your reader a direction, demand, or prompt to guide them towards a lead-generating or other activity.

We often don't think about what our call to action is and go about posting content on social media, building our websites, and sending email blasts with no real direction to our readers (I am guilty of this too!). 

However, our readers need to know what we want them to do (if we want them to do something) to take action. AND for a higher chance of them actually taking action, they also need to be persuaded by a benefit.

Benefit Oriented Calls to Action

A benefit is explained via compelling adjectives that describe the value to the reader if they take the action. For example, the call to action button could be One way to portray the benefit (and more often than not) is to have an action-oriented button and explain the benefit above or below the button. 

So next time you want a potential customer to do something, think about your call to action. Is it an action only oriented call to action or does it also describe the benefit to your customer?

Below are some differences and examples of action vs. benefit oriented calls to action:


A few other tips...

You should definitely A/B Test these over a period of time. Change them up every once and a while and check out your analytics to see if you get better results one way or another.

Google the term "Calls to Action" and there are tons of information and resources on this very topic!

So here's my call to action to you...

Check out my DIY Group Website Course and share it with a friend who might be interested. We'll discuss this very topic in week 3 and I'll help you craft your calls to action as part of the process of building your website in the course!