Use Your Brand’s Story On Your Website and Turn Web Traffic into Leads

Tell Your Brand’s Story and Turn Web Traffic in Leads

Imagine the web as a book store and your website like a book. If I were browsing through a shelf and your website was on it would I pick it up? Think of your homepage like a dust cover of a hardcover book. If I went to your website right now, would I feel connected to your brand’s story and want more?  

Maybe you’re not a book lover, but we all love stories. Stories are what connect us and good storytelling intrigues and educate us. Your brand’s story is what makes you unique and why a customer would choose your business over any other.

Use your brand’s story on your website and create an opportunity to connect with your audience within seconds. Learn how to connect with your story and then how to leverage it on your website to turn web traffic into leads.

Connect with Your Story

You might be thinking you might not have a story or you worry your story is cut and dry. You have your business selling X products or Y services and that’s the story. I’m here to tell you that you do have a story and we can find it.

We’ll go through a couple of questions that will help you flush out your story. Write down the answers to these questions and feel your story come alive.

Answer These Questions to Find Your Story

  • Why did you start your business?

  • What’s your background?

  • What problem does your product or service solve?

  • How do you help people?

  • What motivates you to keep going?

Other Tips While Crafting Your Story

  • Write your answers as though you’re talking to your ideal customer

  • Use a tone you want to convey (warm, fun, educational, etc.)

  • Think about how your audience will feel

  • Don’t be afraid to be personal but don’t feel like you have to overshare

Write down the answers above while keeping the writing tips in mind, and you’ll see your brand’s story come to life.

Now that you have your story written, let’s use it to convert your web traffic into leads.

Convert Web Traffic to Leads

Now that you have your story written out, you can leverage it on your website to convert web traffic into leads for your business. We’ll hook your web traffic on your website’s copy and then we’ll lead them to action.

Hook ‘Em on the Homepage

Think of your homepage as the dust cover of your hardcover book! The reader picks up the hardcover and generally reads the summary of the book on the dust cover before deciding if she wants to read the book.

Does your homepage summarize you and what you offer and intrigue the user to reading more or reaching out to you? Use your story and weave it into your homepage web copy to share more about your business and how it serves.

You want a potential client to read your homepage and feel motivated to become your client as soon as possible.

Lead them to Action

A potential customer reads your story on your website and connects to what you offer. What action do you want her to take before she leaves your website?

Encourage the reader to take an action on your website such as fill out a contact form, call, or enter their information to subscribe to your newsletter to become a lead. Having a clear call to action (CTA) will guide the reader to make the conversion.

Unlock Your Story and Achieve Your Business Goals

Your website is an incredible tool for your brand and your business. By finding your story and leveraging it on your website you can connect with your ideal clients and turn them into a lead.

Every second a user spends on your website is a valuable opportunity for you to connect with her and establish a relationship. By spending some time crafting your story and using it on your website, you’ll hook the potential customer in a natural way and grow your customer list.

Create a website that’s irresistible to customers and achieve your business goals just by sharing your story!

Claire is a content marketer and owner of CL Content Marketing where she helps clients find their voice online and use their story in their marketing. She writes the copy for HeiPro Digital websites.