Our Signature Discovery Process


What Makes HeiPro Digital Different?

You don't know a thing about websites? No, problem! You aren't sure what you need for your website? That's ok; that's why we're here!

When you hire HeiPro Digital, we execute an intense discovery process in each project to make sure we know exactly what's needed for the best performing website with the best user experience. If you’re not sure what should go on your website, don’t fret, this process also allows you to stress less because we’ll figure it out!



We conduct current, past, or prospective client interviews regarding their experience with the website and the company to gain an understanding from a client perspective. Often times, clients give us the best ideas.



An initial questionnaire will be used to gather as much information as possible to begin the project. This process allows us to identify the requirements for the website that are needed for business owners and employees to do their jobs better and meet overall business objectives and goals.



We perform research of "competitor" or "inspirational" websites to identify essential content, features, best practices, and pitfalls. This process allows us to recognize what others in the industry are doing and how we can do it better via the website.⠀



If a current website exists, we will review each page of the site & Google Analytics (if available) to determine what content and functionality is working and should stay or is not working and should be improved or eliminated. This process helps us gain a better understanding of how we can do better!

These four areas of analysis ensure we create the best user experience for your future clients, and that’s what sets HeiPro Digital apart from other website designers!

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