How to Build a Business Website That Converts Your Dream Clients

5 Must-Haves for Every Business Website

Creating a website is fairly simple, right? You just need to make sure your products or services are shown and your dream clients will buy! Not exactly, but you’re on your way there!

Your website plays a crucial role in growing your brand and overall business. You need it to be able to attract, promote, educate, and sell. 

How can you create a website that does all these things for you without losing sleep in the process? First, you need to understand important website vocabulary and, second, you need to understand the five basics of your website for powerful results.

Website Lingo 101

Before we spill the secrets on what you need to have on your website, we want to take a moment to unlock important website lingo so you can continue with confidence. 

Hosting - This is the technology of where your website lives on the Internet. Think of this as your house! Your house hosts you and your family.

Domains - This tells the Internet which webpages belong to your business. Think of this as your home’s address!

Platforms - This is what your website is built with! Long gone are the days of hardcoding a website. With platforms like Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, and more, it’s easier than ever to build a website. Think of this as who built your house! 

5 Must-Haves for Every Business Website 

These are the absolute must-haves for any business to implement on its website. With these website strategies in place, your website can attract, nurture, and convert your dream clients with ease.

1. Calls to Action

Imagine your dream client lands on your website through social media and she likes what she’s seeing! She wants to work with you, but has to click around to find how to buy... She gives up and thinks she’ll come back later. You don’t want this!

Create crystal clear calls to action strategically across your website so that your dream client only has to click two times (max!) to purchase.

2. Responsive Layout

Your website should look fantastic across all devices from a mobile phone all the way to a large desktop display. Be ready to have your website adapt to any size screen to accommodate whatever technology your dream client is using to view your website! 

3. Social Proof 

The number one source of business is still word of mouth! How can you implement word of mouth on your website? Through social proof! Which of the following examples can you add to your website? 

Examples of Website Social Proof: 

  • Testimonials

  • Credential Badges

  • Expert Approval 

  • Number of Customers or Projects Complete

4. Simplicity

Don’t make your dream client dig through mountains of copy or pinch and zoom to figure out what the heck is going on. Adapt simplicity on your website by breaking up text, optimizing images, and ensuring your layout is user-friendly.

5. Professional Photography

Stock photos (or no photos) can’t tell your brand’s story. You need to invest in professional photography for your website to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you serve your dream clients. Bonus: use your professional photography across your online presence.

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